Apr 072011

I find inspirations for Tarot spreads everywhere and change models often spark such musings. The model put forth in Switch by Chip and Dan Heath provides a particularly concise model that lends itself to a favorite way to use Tarot: the 3 card spread. The model then expands to support further exploration of what is discovered in your 3 card spread.

Weaving together info from many sources, the Heaths show how each of us has a conflict built into our brains between the rational mind and the emotional mind. The rationale mind knows it would be better to put on the running shoes and go for a jog, but the emotional mind wants to sit in front of the TV with ice cream. Chip and Dan use evocative metaphors to identify these two parts of ourselves. The Rider is the rational mind who sits top The Elephant of the emotional mind. In the book they detail how these two have to find ways to cooperate rather than have one dominate as they go down The Path of creating change. (They are great storytellers and have perfect examples. Sometimes it is all a little too perfect in regard to the largest societal changes, but still their presentation of this work offers much food for thought.)

Are you seeing the 3 card spread emerging? Rider, Elephant, Path. I was just playing with the cards and tried a reading out for myself. I was surprised that laser precise insight and the deeper process that it inspired.

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