Welcome! I’m Carolyn Cushing.

Carolyn Cushing with Thoth tarot

Photo by Mark Roessler. Courtesy of The Valley Advocate

Are you at a cross roads in your life?

Do you want to better understand the apparent and underlying patterns of past and present?  Do you want to identify the obstacles and supports for moving forward?  Do you desire to make a transformative leap into the future?

Are you ready to make a change in your life, your organization, the world?

Do you sense that there is a more holistic way to make this change, one that integrates the intuitive and rationale, the feminine and masculine, the creative and practical?

Are you responsible for guiding a team, a project, an organization?

Do you need a wider perspective, to rise up from the details, and gather your energy to inspire others?  Do you wish that you had better life balance?

Are you a creative ready to bring your inspirations into being?

Do you want a support process as creative as you are?  Are you ready for a touch of magic to move your project forward?

If so, then I want to help you.

I am a Tarot consultant who is passionate about change making, creativity, and spiritual development.

The varied threads of my lives include over 20 years of program and management positions in change and educational organizations, a Masters of Science in Management, recognition for my poetry, and training in spiritual coaching.  I discovered the Tarot in 1994 and have devoted myself to it as one of the most enjoyable, creative, effective, and spirit-infused of any change making tool ever since.  Read more in the Meet Carolyn section.

Enjoy my site.  On my Services page you can find out about the sessions and consultations I offer to help you move your life forward in a positive direction.  On the  Goodies page you’ll find  Tarot-inspired tools for change making and living an inspired life.  Check out my Blog for my latest musings on Tarot, change making, earth wisdom, creativity, and contemplation.  I also offer many Classes and Events in Western Massachusetts.