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Dark Moon Circle – Rituals of Release and the Love-Death-Awakening Writing

Each month before the new moon, there are a few days of nurturing dark that invite us to release anything that troubles, is undone, or in need of healing as well as to glimpse the seam where life and death meet. In these moonthly e-letters, you’ll receive:

  • A reminder and ritual suggestion for you to release that which you no longer need so you can head into the new moon time with a light heart. I have a healing bowl into which you will be invited to “contribute” what you want to be released.
  • A short prose piece that grows out of what I have been learning about Love-Death-Awakening since my partner John died. My Essentials Offerings on Grief is an example.
  • A poem (mostly mine, but I might include some gems by others)
  • An image to inspire

You can join the Circle in progress. You won’t be sent past e-letters, but you’ll receive the next one after you sign up.

Dark Moon Circle
Dark Moon Circle
Prompts for ritual to release what is no longer needed in your life & the Love-Death-Awakening writings sent at the time of new moon from March 2015 through February 2016. Next e-letter going out around August 11th. Join for 7 monthly payments of $10.
Price: $10.00

Or if you’d like to make a one time payment of $70 for the Dark Moon Circle, click this button: 

Full Moon Circle – Seasonal Ritual for the Dance of Sun and Moon through the Year

At the full moon time, the moon reflects the sun’s light with great beauty and the wisdom of the seasons calls to be celebrated.  I have been developing series of meditative explorations, rituals, and Tarot-inspired reflection prompts to help us meet the wisdom of the seasons that shift with changing light of the year. Descent and Return of the Light marks the movement from winter into spring by passing through the Winter Solstice while Walking the Ways of the Summer Light takes the Summer Solstice as its hinge. The offerings of this circle will arrive periodically and support you to do your own marking of the solar year:

  • In early April, you’ll receive a PDF booklet with all the Descent and Return of the Light material (an overview guide and the weekly blog posts) integrated and edited.
  • At the end of April, you’ll receive the overview guide in PDF format for the Walking the Ways of the Summer Light series. The guide will prepare you to follow this seasonal offering from June through July and be a brief introduction to its themes of wisdom wandering and pilgrimage.
  • From the end of May through July weekly posts on my blog with suggest specific practices and Tarot process for each week of wisdom wandering and pilgrimage.
  • By the end of October, you’ll receive a PDF manuscript for a Tarot Pilgrimage through the Year will include all the integrated, synthesized and polished material from Descent and Return of the Light and the Walking the Ways of the Summer Sun series (plus more, I bet)

Plus, you’ll receive 20% off the seasonal tele-circles for deepening the ritual time and sharing the journey with other seekers. (Subject to availability; sign up early to take advantage of this perk.)

Join the Full Moon Circle at any time and I’ll make sure you receive all materials that have gone out previously.

Full Moon Circle
Full Moon Circle
Seasonal, Tarot-inspired ritual and writings coming to you throughout the year, including Walking the Ways of the Summer Light and Descent and Return of the Light. 10 Monthly payments of $10.
Price: $10.00

Or if you’d like to make a one time payment of $100 for the Full Moon Circle, click this button: 

Checks are also welcome and can be sent to: Carolyn Cushing, 1 Cottage St., Box 33, Easthampton, MA 01027.

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