Mar 162015

Spurred by major life changes and the surfacing of some health issues that suggested a need for still more change, I did a visioning consultation with Carolyn to kick off a month of rest, spiritual exploration, and healing. In keeping with the spirit of the month, tarot was something entirely new to me. Carolyn’s sensitivity and skill […]

Sep 112012

From my first contact with Carolyn Cushing, she was a compassionate guide and advisor in the Tarot.  She sent me a handout regarding how to reflect and prepare for the reading, answered every question quickly and thoughtfully, and generally communicated confidence in my ability to collaborate with her as a fellow seeker.  I spent several […]

May 092012

Carolyn is a great listener and uses the tarot to create new possibilities for viewing one’s life. She also draws on her knowledge of spirituality, poetry, writing, and nonprofit management. I highly recommend working with Carolyn.

Apr 092012

I had an idea of my desires around health and a good work-life balance, but working with the Tarot cards and finding an image that showed me that desire in a tangible form helped me to make real changes in my activities.  Your giving me a copy of the Explorer of Air to look as […]

Jan 092012

Carolyn is a perceptive and thoughtful tarot reader. She took time to explore the imagery in the cards and to help me apply that to my situation. She’s kind, warm, and well-versed in using tarot to help people find direction and conquer their blocks. I recommend her tarot work whole-heartedly! –  Anya Weber, tarot consultant, Boston, […]