Mar 162015

Spurred by major life changes and the surfacing of some health issues that suggested a need for still more change, I did a visioning consultation with Carolyn to kick off a month of rest, spiritual exploration, and healing. In keeping with the spirit of the month, tarot was something entirely new to me. Carolyn’s sensitivity and skill with narrative—both shaping it and following it where it led—were not a surprise, as I was already somewhat familiar with her poetry. The reading helped me put together—from within myself—a coherent, positive story about where I am now and my path forward at a time of tremendous, sometimes disorienting, transition and growth. The two cards she sent me afterward, the “bookends” of my reading, will be front and center on my desk for a long to come. They are a reminder that while I may not know the route between my present and my vision, I am not lost. 

Laura MacKay
copywriter & editor –

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