Apr 302012

The long promised site to share my guided visualization journeys into the Major Arcana cards is up! 

You can now visit Journey into the Tarot to hear a sample journey with the High Priestess and to sign up for password-protected access to all the journeys.

About the Meditations:

Deepen your knowledge of the Tarot through audio meditations that include guided visualizations where you encounter the wisdom figures and symbols of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. This imaginative work with the cards gives you a personal experience of their archetypal energies that will deepen your abilities as a Tarot practitioner and aid your personal growth.  A rich experience for both Tarot beginners and advanced practitioners.


  • Meditations of approximately 30 minutes containing features such as: breathing and relaxation prompts; energy balancing work using the chakra system; and the guided visualization journey into the card.  The site launches with a meditation for each card and more will be added!
  • An evolving library of written information about and suggested activities for continued work with the cards.
  • Monthly calls with live meditations and a sharing circle.
  • 20% discount on any new products developed for Journey into the Tarot or Art of Change Tarot.

 Sign up by Tuesday, May 22 for the special launch price of $29.  (After that the fee rises to $39)

[Note:  Seeker image is from the Gaian Tarot and used with the gracious permission of Joanna Powell Colbert.]

  2 Responses to “Journey into the Tarot is up!”

  1. Carolyn, you are the High Priestess of Tarot meditation!

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